The only thing standing between you and healing your burnout is your mind


What if you don't have to leave the job you love to end your burnout?

The truth is, leaving your job won't end your burnout anyway because you take your brain with you everywhere you go.

I'm Kirsten Simon, Master Certified Feminist Burnout Coach, and I help high-achieving, growth-minded women solve their struggles with burnout by helping you uncover the root cause of your burnout - your mind. We work together to uncover and change the gender-based socialized beliefs that are unconsciously and drastically impacting the way you think, feel, and act when you're on (and off) the clock.

I'll help you untangle your worth from your productivity, learn how to approach your work (and your life) in a sustainable way, rest without guilt & anxiety, and prevent yourself from burning out again in the future.

Kirsten Simon
Master Certified Feminist Burnout Coach

Let's get started:

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In this FREE mini course, you'll learn how societal conditioning fuels your burnout and how to rewrite your inner narrative to support a healthier, more sustainable approach to your work life. You'll also gain a tangible, daily practice to help you consistently move towards a burnout-free life.


1:1 Coaching

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What others are saying...

"Kirsten's coaching is truly powerful. I love her calm and laser-focus style. She won't rush you and will give you the time and space you need to connect with your own answers. And yes, you'll get breakthroughs! My session with her has been transformational, and I am already seeing shifts in my life. I hugely recommend her if you want to uplevel your life FAST!"

María Seisdedo

"If you want to work with someone with a calming presence and all the best questions, Kirsten Simon’s your coach! Her coaching helped me gain self-awareness—and led to several professional and personal breakthroughs. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

— Camille Pagán