What are your qualifications?

I became a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School in 2020. In 2022, I became Master Certified through The Life Coach School and Advanced Certified in Feminist Coaching by Kara Loewentheil.

Can you tell me more about your coaching philosophy?

The primary tool I use in my coaching is the Self Coaching Model. The coaching technique I use is called causal coaching. Causal coaching helps you understand the root issue or cause of why you’re struggling and how to change that cause so you can ultimately create the results you’re wanting to create. I also coach using a F.E.M.I.N.I.S.T. framework.

In my coaching practice, I believe you and I have a collaborative and mutual relationship. I’m here to facilitate and empower you on your journey to wherever it is that you want to go. I wholeheartedly believe you are the expert in your own life and know what's best for you. I'm simply here to reveal your own wisdom to yourself and help you see yourself more clearly.

I strive to create a space of inclusiveness, openness, and non-judgment where you feel like you can relax and be your authentic self.

What is the feminist coaching framework you use in your coaching?

The F.E.M.I.N.I.S.T. coaching framework I use was created by Kara Loewentheil and stands for Facilitative, Empowering, Mutual, Intersectional, Non-Hierarchal, Inclusive, Safe, and Transparent.

What is the process for working together?

If you'd like a taste of what it's like to coach together, you can schedule a single session with me here. If you're pretty sure you're ready to work together but have a few remaining questions, you can book a Quick Chat with me here.

Once we've both decided it's a yes, I'll send you information on the next steps, including a payment link and a letter of engagement.

What does working together look like?

I work with clients in 6 sessions over 8 weeks. We meet weekly on Zoom for up to 45 minutes, 3 weeks on and 1 week off based on my schedule. I customize my coaching to your needs and desires. We can coach on time and anything else that comes up for you during our time together.

Can I only work with you on time? What if I want help with other topics?

You're not limited to time. We can coach on lots of different things that might be coming up for you. You can book a Quick Chat with me here to talk more about how I can help.

How much does it cost?

The cost is a single payment of $1,150 or two monthly payments of $575.

If you are a member of a marginalized community and need an alternative pricing tier in order to afford to work together, please send me an email at hello@kirstensimoncoaching.com for more information.

Can I schedule a short call with you to go over a few questions?

Yes, you can schedule a Quick Chat here.

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Ongoing 1:1 Coaching

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